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Immigration Overseas is a mature immigration law firm, with its prominent online visa services that aims towards offering comprehensive services in the domain of migration industry. Our organization has managed to make its global presence worldwide, with offices extended in Perth, Australia and Nova Scotia, Canada. Our presence has been duly marked by our excellence and transparent reaching out to its clients across the world.

For the past more than 22 year, Immigration Overseas has left a global footprint by its excellent service provider in the domain of migration solution. Our far-reaching global presence and comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge of immigration laws and regulations marks the reputation of the company's tag. Our consultant specialist and lawyers are stretched from across globe with in depth knowledge of the rules and regulations of the different countries. This team expert serves to its clients from all over the world. We counsel hundreds of clients with immigration and global migration matters each year. They are highly experienced and qualified in the field of legal migration solutions. Our firm is wholly dedicated in reaching out to all its clients globally. It has given unparalleled assistance and dedication for the Australia and Canada visa. Because of these sincere services, We have not received any client complaints till date.

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We are proud of being certified with all the major world immigration councils such as MARA/MIA, ICCRC/CICRC and BCI. We have a brand recognition globally because of its affluent, transparent, timely and honest in delivering its visa services to its clients. Our Organization is a globally recognized and reputed immigration law firm that holds rich expertise in offering visa services to all its customers irrespective of their countries. We have given out numbers of successful visa to its clients across the globe. Our organization has secure success rate of 99.2%, with excellent services provider

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