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Immigration Overseas Pvt. Ltd has established itself as a mature immigration law firm. Located in New Delhi, India with branch offices in Australia and Canada, the firm has created niche in offering Permanent Residency (PR) visa services to the aspirants. The company with over 22 year of experience in the migration industry has emerged out as a pioneer in offering online visa services for Australia and Canada with no real Immigration Overseas complaints.

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Our team consists of immigration lawyers who represent the clients in front of the immigration authorities, handling the legal procedures liked with the process of visa application. The lawyers at the organization are registered with MARA/ MIA and BCI that enables us to create highest code of working conduct with professional services to the clients. We are even led by ICCRC/ CRCIC certified visa consultants who are well verged with the policies of various countries and thereby guide the clients on the visa application process. They are the one who acts as friendly representatives for our clients, listening to their needs and requirements and offering them best migration assistance. It is because of our team of professionals that there has been able to serve to more than 149057 applicants with positive Immigration Overseas feedback in the past 22 years.

Our law firm has always tried to stood up to the expectations of its clients, establishing long term relationship with them. All these factors have helped us enjoy the joy and privilege of genuine reviews and feedback by the successful applicants of the company.

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We have created this website named Immigration Overseas Reviews to offer a vast podium for our clients, enabling them to give their real and unbiased opinion about the working of the company. It is just a small step by our immigration law firm to move step closer to our clients and nurture long lasting relationship.